Asian Green Mussels as Cement Block Strengthener

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A.Statement of the Problem

a. General Problem

Can an Asian Green Mussel shell be a substitute cement tile filler? b. Sub-problem

1. Will the Asian Green Musselcement tile resist abrasion? 2. Will the Asian Green Musselcement tile last long for a year or a decade? 3. How much load capacity can the Asian Green Musselcement tiles handle?

B. Hypothesis Asian Green Mussel (Perna viridis) cannot be used as filler for cement tiles. C. Significance of the study

As stated in the background of the study, the shell of Asian Green Mussels is often put to waste. This study was conducted to reduce the solid waste pollution caused by Perna viridis shells at by recycling it. The researcher tested the efficiency of Asian Green Mussel shell as cement tile filler.

D. Scope and Limitations

The scope of this study focused on how Asian Green Mussels can be cement tile filler.

The researcher used Asian Green Mussel shells in producing cement tile filler. The researcher tested the feasibility in using the shells of Asian Green Mussel as cement tile filler.

The researcher did not deal with the smell of the product. The products intended use is for cement floors and walls.

E. Definition of Terms filler- Something added to augment weight or size or fill space. Mussel- Any of several marine bivalve mollusks

feasibility- able to be done or put into effect; possible