Asian Immigrants And Technology

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As you log onto to a computer wherever it may be, do you think about what person has made it possible for you to do this? Immigrants from many countries have developed the technology to check your mail, surf the web, play games, listen to music and chat with others online. Particularly, Asian immigrants have done this for us. Even though these immigrants have done so much for us and our economy with their vast varieties of technological businesses, there are still people who are opposed to their entry into our country.

Of all of the different groups of Asian immigrants, those from India seem to be the most productive in our country. This is probably because they have such a strong will to succeed. The Indians are aware of the opportunities for them in the U.S. and that is their reason for many of them leaving their family and what is familiar to them in their home country.

There have been many immigration waves into the United States by the Indians. According to Marcia Mogelonsky, there are three main groups of Indian immigrants in the U.S. today (American Demographics, 2). The first large wave of Indian immigrants was between the years of 1907 and 1914. These immigrants came because they knew they could get good jobs with the education that they had and had no problem getting green cards. In this wave the men are dominantly the breadwinners and are married to women that are not extensively educated. Many of these immigrants possess jobs such as doctors or engineers and are better off financially than most middle class American families.

The second group of Indian immigrants arrived in our country in the 1970s. They were also greatly educated but they are married to "highly educated women who work outside...