Asian Pacific Americans Struggle for Identity

Essay by aznXsa2587 December 2008

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Asian Pacific Americans have fought for their unalienable rights since the first Asian Pacific American step foot onto American soil. Though the fight was not as great as it is now, the fight was a step into the direction that has shaped and expanded the civil rights Asian Pacific Americans have fought for. There have been many diverse and active struggles that Asian Pacific Americans have had to endure; yet the main struggle is the struggle for other cultures of the United States to see that each Asian Pacific American have an identity of their own. We too are people that have a strong and rich culture that has been passed on from generation to generation yet we also adapt to the American traditions as our fellow neighbors. People need to recognize that though we may all possess similar traits as one another, we are quite different in many ways.

We are not all Chinese and we do not all speak the same language. However for an identity and individualism that should be expressed openly and freely as any other, we are still struggling in a fight for just that.

In Helen Zia’s book, Asian American Dreams, Zia spoke of how Asian Pacific Americans constantly had to fight for people to recognize them separately as a person and not by their ethnicity. Because one possesses the traits of small, slanted eyes, dark hair, and yellowish tan complexion, they are automatically categorized as Chinese or Japanese. Though the person may be Chinese or Japanese, there are also many other cultures and nationalities that one may be. But because people se these familiar traits they tend to assume. For example, in chapter ten of Zia’s book, it is written about a Twin Cities radio disc jockey by...