Asian Religions. Important notes about Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism, Buddhism and more.

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Asian Religions

1) Confucianism

A faithful band of followers admired him as a great teacher, and recorded his sayings in the Analects, which spread his message.

Confucianism is the system of Confucian ideas.

Confucius was known to the Chinese as the first teacher

Confucius believed that the government should be open to all men of superior talent.

Two elements stand out in the Confucian view of the Dao

o Duty = People subordinate their own interest to the needs of family and community.

"Work Ethic"

Everyone should be governed by the Five Constant Relationships (parent and child, husband and wife, older sibling and younger sibling)

o Humanity = A sense of compassion and empathy for others.

He hoped to get a job as a political adviser, but he had little success in finding a patron.

Since Confucius was upset by the violence and moral decay at that time, he traveled around China in attempt to persuade political leaders to follow his ideas.

2) Daoism

Daoism was a system of ideas based on the teachings of Laozi.

According to tradition, Laozi (the old master), was a up to date version of Confucius.

The chief ideas of Daoism are discussed in a short work known as Tao Te Ching (The way of the Dao.)

Daoism does not concern itself with the underlying meaning of the universe. Rather it tries to set forth proper forms of behavior for human beings on Earth.

Daoists believe that the true way to follow the will of Heaven is not action but inaction.

3) Legalism

Legalism proposed that human beings were evil by nature.

They could only be brought to follow the correct path by harsh laws and stiff punishments.

They rejected the Confucian view that government by superior men could solve societies problems

They also believe...