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Asics has been developing sports shoes for more than 50 years and yet there principles haven?t changed. Everything Asics undertakes at its research and development center in Kobe, Japan is developed on the basis of scientific work with the intensive cooperation of male and female athletes, and with a very clear objective: To enable professional and recreational athletes all over the world to perform better, to reach a higher level and to enjoy themselves.

Asics has been traditionally associated with Athletics and with producing high quality running shoes, which is still considered as its primary target Market but due to high demand, Asics has produced a diverse range of products to ensure it has a shoe for just about everybody no matter what the activity or sport they are associated with.

The Strengths and favorability of an Asics running shoe: In order to meet its objectives Asics undergoes a lot of research and development to ensure it produces the highest quality competitive shoe for its athlete.

The researchers at Asics have high-speed cameras, hi-tech measuring equipment and sophisticated computer software at their disposal. Several test rooms have been set up to be able to translate the findings of the fundamental research into new materials and products. Shock absorption systems (the introduction of the GEL), anti-overpronation features, and outsoles with Wet Grip Rubber (ASICS website). It is evident thru the vast range of research and development that ASICS want to ensure its consumers are provided with the best shoe for the particular type of foot structure and particular use. Asics takes particular care and personal interest when it comes to designing a shoe for a particular use in order to meet its objective and to maximize performance and comfort. Pricing of Asics shoes are quite competitive to its competitors but...