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on chemistry

The Book Asimov on Chemistry by Isaac Asimov is a collection of

seventeen essays that he wrote for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science

Fiction. This book is one of ten that were published by Doubleday & Company,

Inc. Not all of the books centered on chemistry and like science. Most just

covered anything Isaac Asimov wondered about. These Essays date back quite

aways with a range from January 1959 to April 1966.


The Weighting Game

This i found to be the most boring in the whole book. It covers

chemical atomic weight and physical atomic weight. It also gives chemical

methods that determine the atomic weight.

Slow burn

This is a description of how Isaac newton contributed to the field of

chemistry along with what civilizations thought of chemistry. Then he talks

about a pathologically shy, absentminded, stuffy, women-hating chemist. This

man did make some discoveries about inflammable gas and proved water to be an


The Element of Perfection

Asimov talks about astronomers in the mid 1800's, and how they made

the spectroscope. Only then does he start to mention a element a french

chemist belived to be new or maybe just a heavier from of nitrogen. Inert

gases and there liquefaction points are then listed along when they when fisrt

liquefied by a chemist.

Welcome, Stranger!

This talks about the rarest of stable enert gases, xenon. It also tells

why that in 1962 so many expirements were done involving this gas. Fisrt it

defines the word gas, and talks about different types in about four pages.

Thens he talks about how it is combined with flourine to form a poison.

Death in the Labratory

Here Asimov talks about how scientists have died due to poor lab

conditions and other matters. He also...