An Aspect Of America

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An Aspect of America " I hear America singing [. . .]" (Whitman). America has many goals for its people. There is an "American Dream" that is supposed to be every American's life long goal. Americans are supposed to have 2.2 kids and live in a three bedroom, two-bath house with a white picket fence outside. This view is shared and opposed by many people, and many speak out through song or poetry.

Americans love being American. They are proud to be free and proud to be able to fight for anything that they believe is truly just. Many people have written songs about their love for this great nation; a more popular song "America the Beautiful" by Katherine Lee Bates and Samuel Ward states that America has majestical wonders "from sea to shining sea"(Bates). Americans strive for greatness in all ways: "The shoemaker singing his as he sits on his bench, the hatter singing as he stands [.

. .] (Whitman). This land was built on the principle of freedom. The great people of yesterday the "great defenders of freedom, builders of peace" (Bulosan) made a wonderful place for us to live and for us to grow and become stronger, not as just people but stronger as a group, Americans. " [. . .] I say we have the truth"(Bulosan) we know what is expected of us as Americans and we greatly accept this responsibility.

Not all Americans are completely happy; some are really struggling with their lives as Americans. Langston Hughes said, " I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen." Sometimes America likes to hide some of its most beautiful attributes. They don't want the ugly to be seen, Americans are very superficial. America has been known to hurt lives and dismiss...