The aspects of homosexuality

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Love has an infinite number of shapes and colors, in other words, it differs from one person to another. Throughout the history, it can be viewed that there is a set of types of sexual relations such as homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, asexualty and so the list goes on. Homosexuality is one of the types of love which is defined as "a marriage in which two people of the same sex live together as a family" (Wikipedia, 2007). The adjective form of the word, homosexuality, comes from the Greek prefix homo-, which means same, and the Latin root sex-, which means gender. In the early years, it was considered to be a sin; and gays and lesbians were imprisoned or passed sentence of death penalty. Today, many people think that gays and lesbians are sick people; and many people believe that homosexuality is a mental disorder. However to me, It is a kind of disorder and It should be taken into consideration.

Besides, It is a topic which has been discussed and researched by scientists for years. As a result of the researches which have the aim of discovering the factors that cause homosexuality, it is found that homosexuality should be taken into consideration in terms of the aspects of biological causation, psychology and social.

Firstly, homosexuality can be said to be caused by biological reasons. Biologically, it is proved that homosexuality results from human biology, in other words, it derives from genes and hormones. According to Messerli (2007), homosexual guys have softer voice and lesbians have much masculine body shape and cheek bones. Therefore, it can be said that homosexuality is not in one's hands. What's more, according to researchers, great amount of testosterone in men and estrogen hormone in women tends to increase the intimacy between individuals of different...