Aspects of a Job Offer

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Finding a job is an important task in ones life. Making a mistake can lead to many obstacles and problems later on in life. When choosing a job, many factors must be used to find a job. Two important aspects when choosing a job are the base salary as well as the location. Two less important aspects in finding a job are fringe benefits and incentivesThe Base salary is the dollar amount a person will receiver in his/her monthly paycheck before taxes. Without a high salary, it could be difficult to pay for daily necessities. For example, if someone decided to work at McDonalds for a living, their base salary would be $29,000. With that low of a salary it would be extremely difficult to pay for food and housing costs. Finding a job with a decent amount of pay is one of the most important and influencing factors that lead toward finding a new job.

Location is also an important factor in deciding for a job because each city is assigned an index. The index gives an average cost of living. The lower it is, the better. For example, if the index rating for Seattle was 100.0 and Kent had an index of 126.0, an item costing $1.00 in Seattle would cost $1.26 in Kent because the index is higher. Therefore it is very important to consider the job location before deciding to accept a job offer.

Fringe benefits are not very important factors when choosing a job. Fringe benefits are additional compensation offered by a company beyond an individual’s wage. Paid sick leave and bonuses are examples of fringe benefits. If you are someone that doesn’t get sick a lot, then there is no need to factor fringe benefits in your decision. These are extras that are important...