The Assasin

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The assassin The assassin walked out onto the dark silent roof. As he looked over the side of the 20-storey building he could still hear the hiss of the snake-like traffic jam below. The assassin knew that there was a couple of hours before his target showed up. He made himself as comfortable as he could and began to unpack his suitcase, which contained his rifle. Which he called his saiwala mortis he thought it was beautiful: A dark clean G3/SG-1 sniper rifle. He also unpacked a pair of binoculars and his lunch as he laid the rifle and binoculars beside him he began to eat his Sandwiches.

It began to rain as he went over the plan and ate his lunch. his client had told him that he wanted to chat to Fat Tony first. To see if they could reach an "agreement" If they didn't reach an agreement, then his client would give the signal to kill him.

The client and Fat Tony would be in the penthouse on the building opposite. He didn't know why he wanted to meet him. His client had never told him but he had heard on the news that Fat Tony was suspected of raiding shops all over the town. Oh well it didn't matter to him. As long as he got paid he didn't care why his client wanted him dead. He huddled up under his long black coat, which seemed to adsorb all the light around him making him disappear into night.

The assassin looked at his watch his client should be turning up soon. He picked up his binoculars and started to watch the road below him. The traffic jam had slivered away now and the street was now surprisingly dark. He watched as a blue Mercedes came round...