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Special forces and their assassination missions.

Hi my name is Vexx I am a trained assassin. I am one of the best there is except for Xela he is another great assassin. This is how the story got started. I was hired to assassinate Xela see this is a top secret job that you earn or in other words work your way up before you can have the privilege of assassinating another assassin. The way I earned the job is by assassinating Nameo Hikara he was 23 and lived in Hilleo, Japan. That's how I became one of the best, well back to Xela. He has been spotted all over the world like this in Russia there's this bar called the Drunken Monkey where there's a guy whose name is Scrapma Mink but people call him Minks. Mink owns a scrap yard for old military vehicles. That's were Xela gets all of his weapons and dumps all of his victims.

This is why this assassination is like no other.

The guy that I get my weapons from and dump my victims is James Mason. He sells illegal weapons. Mason gives me my weapons for free. He can't get put in jail for possession of illegal merchandise because he's a Mason and the Masons can't get put in jail cause they have so much money and can bribe there way out of trouble. Mason also helps me plan out my assassinations. I went to Masons to plan Xela's assassination. He was to be killed in Germany right before dark because that's when everyone gets off work and since most people ride the subway and Xela rides the subway to the Drunken Monkey I will assassinate him there. I will kill him with a 9mm with a silencer.

Here's were it...