The Assassin

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I was walking to the bedroom of my hotel suite when I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I saw myself how others must see me. My eyes looked small and deep set. My eyebrows thick but short, my stubble was growing back it looked as if I hadn't shaved for days.

I continued walking to the bedroom and was totally unprepared for what I was about to see on the television screen.

I was totally shocked. How could the person I killed just six hours ago have been found already? I was flabbergasted I had left him in a secluded reservoir on the outskirts of town. He shouldn't have been found yet it should have taken at least another two days! What had I done wrong? I must have slipped up somewhere but I always take so much care when doing these things.

I was petrified; I was staring at the television set in disbelief, my eyes pierced like daggers, sweat dripping from my brow by the litre.

It was boiling hot but I was feeling cold. Shivers went up my spine every few seconds; it was like mini electric shocks. When I tried standing I just collapsed back on to the sofa in a heap.

Now I had to take action. I had been planning that murder every precise detail for three months non stop and still it didn't go to plan and I have no idea where it went wrong.

I have to get a flight as quickly as possible. The police are on my trail and I have to escape before they have time to catch up with me. I had to book my flight and hope for the best.

If I could get a flight by tomorrow I could be in New York...