Assess The Causes of the American War Of Independence.

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There were many events and disagreements that led to the American War of Independence. The war erupted only twelve years after the Seven Years' War and many problems can be linked to this war which had left Britain's economy severely depleted.

The Seven Years' War had involved a large effort from Britain to maintain its territories in America thus protecting its colonists. Britain felt that the colonists should help to pay for the cost of the war effort.

In an attempt to do this Britain imposed several acts to tax the colonists. Up until this time the colonists had been left to rule themselves without interference from Britain. The colonists resented these taxes and largely fought against them.

As more acts were passed and boycotted, the struggle turned more political with the colonists fighting for their ideals, rights and freedom, and Britain fighting to prove its right for absolute control over its colonies.


Before the Seven Years' War, the colonists had become accustomed to ruling by their own assemblies. Britain had mostly left them to their selves. The colonists "... landed in New England determined to live by their own rules... and sought freedom... They became accustomed to ruling their own colony"

The British however believed that the colonies "were not entitled to self government and their people were not equal to loyal Englishmen living in the British Isles. Their role was to serve England's interest by providing new markets and supplying raw materials for English industry ... however to rule them firmly and extract their wealth had been too difficult to accomplish during the endless wars that beset the nation."

After the war in 1763 Britain tried to step in and increase its rule over its colonies. At the same time the colonies were trying to...