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The impact of Napoleon's rule in Europe (1799-1815) is often being underestimated. In actuality, the influence of Napoleon stretches beyond 19th century. Even anything as remotely insignificant as improvement in literary and artistic works in Europe could at times be attributed to the fact that Napoleon held such militating presence during his times. Napoleon not only influenced the masses in Europe but even the elites sought to imitate Napoleon's way of governing France. The impact of Napoleon's rule in Europe during the 19th century encompassed the forms of political, militant, economic, social and ideological changes. For many years after the era of Napoleonic dominance, the traditional balance of power in Europe never really found its way back. His impact wreaked the standing power of Austria, Prussia and Russia. The two most prevailing ideologies he permanently set in stone in Europe were nationalism and liberalism. His liberal approach in economic reforms in France and other countries under him initiated a quick industrialisation in backward countries.

And under these broad headings the essay will discuss what, how and to what extent was his impact on the political and socio-economic status quo in Europe during this period of time.

Inadvertently, under Napoleon's rule, subjugated land such as Prussia was exposed to the ruling pattern of a post-revolution French ruler. For the first time in many ages, Prussia was economically liberated. Napoleonic Codes were brought into Western Germany and broke up the old order. Agrarian economy was revamped and restructured such that it could be controlled from above and more liberal policies were also introduced. Napoleon abolished serfdoms, feudalism and instituted his famous law codes. The economic modernity in France slowly spread across the continent as Napoleon's conquest grew.

Abolition of serfdom in Prussia and Italy opened floodgates of potential wealth that was for...