Assess the importance of the CPSU's internal policies in the defeat of Germany in the Great Patriotic War (WW1).

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Assess the importance of the CPSU's internal policies in the defeat of Germany in the Great Patriotic War.

Concepts that should be considered include Industrialisation, Modernisation, Nationalism and Leadership.

The Soviet-German War is the most brutal episode of the most vicious war that mankind has ever seen. During the 'Great Patriotic War', the CPSU under Joseph Stalin were forced to adapt their internal policies to defeat the Germans. It is argued that these internal were vital in the Soviets victory against Germany. Commencing in 1938, the third of the CPSU's five-year plans encouraged industrialisation, modernisation and nationalism, all of which were to play an important part in the Soviets victory over Germany. On the other hand it can be argued that there were other, more significant, factors that contributed to the CPSU's victory. These factors included massive support from the United States and the huge numbers that the CPSU had at their disposal.

Although some industrialization had occurred prior to 1940, it was essential that the CPSU's internal policies focussed on improving the defence sector. With turmoil in Europe and the dark clouds of war gathering, modernization of the Red Army was essential if the Soviet Union was to stand any chance of defeating Germany. According to Nettl, Stalin's modernization of the army was "one of the largest military build-ups and defensive programs that the world had ever seen ". While negotiating and signing non-aggression pacts with Hitler, Stalin still believed that war with Germany and Japan was possible. Consequently the third of Stalin's Five Year Plans pumped massive amounts of money and resources into the defence industry. Some of the preparations made for war included creating a modern defence industry, building up military aviation, forming a modern navy and civil-defence training for the whole population. Thanks to Stalin's industrialization...