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Biology Homework

Taking into account all of the nutritional and mineral/vitamin value, overall I think Tesco's bran flakes 1kg are beneficial and contain all of the healthy and nutritional values for your essential start of the day.

I know this because firstly, looking at a nutrition website and leaflet, it states that a healthy and beneficial cereal should ideally contain at least 10% fibre per serving size, or 3g to 6g of fibre per 30g serving. Very high-fibre choices have over 6g of fibre per 30g serving. You should also be on the lookout for unhealthy ingredients to avoid. Don't buy cereals that contain the words "partially hydrogenated" -- which indicate that they contain trans fats -- or that have a lot of added sugar. As a general rule, avoid cereals with over 9% fat (or over 2.7g of fat per 30g serving), over 27% sugar (or 8g per 30g serving) and over 180mg of sodium per 30g serving.

Taking all of this into account and looking at my cereals nutritional values, I think overall my cereal is a healthy choice for the average woman.

Knowing that a healthy cereal should contain 3g to 6g of fibre per 30g serving, and bearing in mind that an average woman should have 38g of fibre per day from my cereals value you can see that per 30g serving the fibre content is 4.3g. This is healthy for the RDA for fibre per day for the average woman, bearing in mind you will eat other fibre sources through the day.

Fibre is a natural substance found in fruits, vegetables and grains. It is an essential part of healthy digestion. Additionally, fibre adds bulk to your diet, making you feel fuller sooner and longer. It helps aid digestion and can prevent constipation.

From the...