Assessment Based Instruction

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Assessment-Based Instruction Research Paper

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Assessment Based Instruction

Assessment based instruction is instruction that evolves from assessment to assessment. The assessment dictates the instruction, instead of the instruction dictating the assessment. In this paper the following is discussed: key components of assessment-based instruction, how assessment has designed instruction in the last 20 years, and how assessment increases instruction and learning as well as the challenges that facilitators' are encountered faced with when using assessments in a Basic Job Skills Program.

Describe the key components of assessment-based instruction

* Learning Outcomes will repeat the instructional objectives and meet the criteria for authenticity and the performance base as well as review all methodologies facilitators' used in daily instruction with the students' to monitor their progress.

* Assignments is also another key component that requires the students' to (1) Be educational equipped with the ability to further his/her knowledge through careful questioning techniques.

(2) Enabling him/her to turn those questions into warranted, systematic knowledge and develop them into high standards of skill. (4) Engaging students' so thoroughly in important questions to take pleasure in seeking important knowledge.

* The assessment components will evaluate the students' skills in a systematic, and ongoing way. This process will evaluate each level of instruction to demonstrate progress and the proficiency of each students' level.

* Feedback provides consistent feedback to students to facilitate assessing their own achievement and to modify and adjust their individual learning strategies and goals, and empowering both students' and facilitators' by fostering consciousness rising and critical thinking.

How Assessment has Changed Instruction in the Past 20 Years

Assessment refers to different strategies or tests that consider whether a student is learning and achieving the goals...