Assessment of Nathan's Leadership Traits: What motivates Nathan?

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Nathan enjoys his position because of his free anatomy and challenge. Some of Nathan's life goals include attaining his bachelor's degree, achieving the title of Chief Operational officer (COO) for a large corporation, and becoming independently wealthy.

II. Assessment:

What motivates Nathan? Using Clayton Alderfer's ERG Theory we evaluated Nathan. This instrument taps the three needs: Existence, Relatedness and Growth. Nathan's scores are:

1. Existence needs: 16

2. Relatedness needs: 15

3. Growth needs: 20

A score of 20 is the max for each item; Nathan has a high Existence need, which means that there are desires for satisfying ones interpersonal relationships. Next we have Relatedness need; this is Nathan's craving for satisfying an interpersonal relationship of individuals. Nathan scored a 15 on this and that shows that relatedness factors can serve as a key motivator and can trigger a positive effect on relationships. Finally we have the Growth needs; (as noted in Robbins 3.0

assessment) these desires come from wanting to continue personal growth and development as an individual. Having either existence or relatedness or sometimes both needs normally triggers off this need. By having the growth needs in place this can sometimes become an important motivating factor for many individuals. I do agree with this assessment on ERG and I will forward these finding on to Nathan's Gulley employer as an insight to what motivates him. We gave Nathan the Myers-Briggs 16-type personality assessment. Nathan's score is: ENTP (as noted in Robbins 3.0 assessment) This questionnaire classifies people as extroverted or introverted (E or I), sensing or intuitive (S or N), thinking or feeling (T or F), and perceiving or judging (P or J). These classifications can then be combined into 16 personality types (for example, INTJ, ISFJ). Nathan's score was ENTP. This means Nathan is innovative,