An Assessment of the Organizing Functions of Management.

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An Assessment of the Organizing Function

Of Management

The article titled, "How Advisers Can Help You Grow," expresses how small business owners are taking the opportunity to have an organizing board of directors do management planning for small businesses in a variety of areas. There are many organizing process that businesses may utilize and one of them is the use of organized advisory boards or consultants to help plan out the companies' financial plans and future business solutions. These small businesses use the advisory boards as help in the organizing of the company and the functions of management.

There are many reasons why businesses would want to bring in outside advisory boards or consultants to organize the functions of management throughout the company. One would be because the small-business owners have obtained knowledge from the large firms about the value and the importance of information that can be obtained from varied sources.

Another reason would be that industries and markets are changing rapidly and small businesses can be founded more easily than that of a few years ago (Buss, 1996). Businesses would value the opinions of the experienced professionals that would be on the advisory board. The board of directors would offer new perspectives in all aspects of the company. The advisors would need to be experienced professional with a positive outlook on the success of the company.

One of the first steps to finding a well established board of directors is to find a combination of well-rounded and highly educated directors with valuable experience. The company or small business should find trusted or familiar people with a positive

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reputation in the business world. And to seek people with creativity, wisdom or other qualities for a board. Some businesses may want to seek directors with...