An Assessment on Philippine Politics, Economy and Education

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Assessment on Education

In the past few years, government had been funding public schools to augment the school's need, of course, and to improve the system of education that surge in the urban and the rural areas here in the country.

However, there seemed to be a leak in the system. The interest of government in education seemed to be drowned out from the political upheavals and other perils continually agitating the country. Education was third priority from debt servicing and defense in 2005 budget allocation. There is actually a significant point that needs to be raised in this moment.

Increases in funds do not automatically reflect a dramatic result in advanced performance while public education is short-funded. According to the DepEd's Adopt-a-School Secretariat, corporate assistances to public schools twofold from P600 million in 2003 to P1.2 billion in 2004. However, this has not led to any demonstrable improvement in school performance as measured in diagnostic tests.

The problem on educational facilities and technical needs has remained with shortages of about 39,383 classrooms, 4,125,412 chairs, 9.88 million textbooks, and 49,212 teachers. Moreover, there are 14.8 million out-of-school youth and student dropout rate that reached 73 percent this year. Since the country has 41,000 public schools, there is also need to come up with strategies to reach as many schools as possible. Again, the expansion in the availability of education was not always accompanied by qualitative improvements. Therefore, quality is a major concern. Though huge quantity of graduates grows every year, the quality of graduates seemed to be stunted which is due to the poor quality of education that graduate receive. The large number of students who completed college could not find a job commensurate with their educational skills. There is a pressing need that the educational system be improved if...