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The tourism industry can play an important role in a nation's economy by providing opportunities for regional employment, by contributing to the balance of payments and by stimulating economic growth, but in the same time it can be fatal, damaging the national heritage the environment, and the culture and folklore that are normally the pull factors that attract tourist to the destination.

The government of each country are responsible of control the flow of tourism and the damage resulted of this flow, by producing policies and plans for the development of tourism.

The national government role in tourism can be manifested in the following ways:

§ In planning and facilitating tourism, including the provision of financial and other aids.

§ In the supervision and control of the component sectors of the tourism industry.

§ In indirect ownership and operation of component of the industry.

§ I the promotion of the nation and its tourist products to home and overseas market.

Not enough money to promote UK from the government!

Visit Britain Chairman Lord Colin Marshall has slammed the government for not spending enough money on promoting the UK as a tourist destination.

Despite criticism, minister for tourism Richard Carbon said the money would remain at the same level for the time being.

Despite more money being made available in 2002 to counter the effects of September 11 attacks, funding has returned to pr-2002 levels.

However, carbon disputed the comments claiming, plenty of money is paid into the tourism pot through training schemes and the establishment of regional development agencies that promote their local areas.

He added: "I acknowledge there is a lot to consider to other expenses"

Travel weekly, 6 April 2005-04-0,7 Page 28.

The system of government of a country will...