Assignment: 1) Compare broadsheet and tabloid newspapers 2) Compare Broadcast news 3) Compare the newspaper's headlines with the headlines of the broadcast news

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1) Broadsheet and tabloid newspapers

In this essay I will explore the difference between broadsheet newspapers and tabloid newspapers. I will base my comments on the basis of "THE INDEPENDENT" and "THE SUN". "THE INDEPENDENT" is a broadsheet newspaper and "THE SUN" is a tabloid newspaper.

These two newspapers have a completely different readership.

While "The Sun" tries to reach the lower and middle classes, "The Independent" tries to reach the higher classes of society, such as business/professionals.

The most obvious differences in these types of newspapers are found in the language and layout. For example, if we look at the front page of a tabloid, we only see a minimal amount of text in proportion to images and headlines. In fact approximately 80% of the entire tabloid newspaper is constructed of visual imagery, to easily attract the attention of its target audience. In a typical tabloid newspaper, the use of celebrities and sexually orientated photos are also often used get attention, and headlines fill up about half of the front page.

The aim here is to sell the newspaper, which is in competition with so many other tabloids, by utilizing puns, colloquial language, alliteration, and other play on words to catch more attention. Broadsheets however, have a much more formal tone in their articles and headlines.

Tabloids are often much more dramatic and vernacular than a broadsheet newspaper. A prime example of this is from a recent article about the heavy winds: "HORROR HURRICANE" along with the sub-heading "death and destruction ..." - alliteration is used here to dramatize the story, while "The Independent" writes about exactly the same story less dramatically: "Battered: The day 90mph winds beat us to a standstill." The simplicity of a tabloid structure assists its readership to feel at ease when reading it anytime...