Assignment 3: Video Analysis, "Prisoners of the War on Drugs"

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Assignment 3: Video Analysis, "Prisoners of the War on Drugs"

After watching " Prisoners of the War on Drugs I decided to write my analysis on two inmates by the names of Ralph Sowell and Michael Jones aka Snowball.

Ralph Sowell was incarcerated for selling drugs. Ralph said since he has been in prison, his money has tripled. He is now making anywhere from $3500 to $4500 dollars a week. His way of getting the drugs in prison, is through his visitors or through the dirty cops that work in the prison. In my opinion, I believe that the labeling theory fits Ralph's situation perfectly. When humans are born, they do not know anything. The only way they become who they are is from what people tell them or what there taught from other people. Therefore, for Ralph, somewhere down the line, either was around drugs growing up and that is all he knew or somebody forced him to start selling drugs as well as doing them and that is all he is accustomed too now.

I am not sure what Ralph's sentence was, but regardless of he's sentence, no matter where he is, he's going to continue doing and selling drugs unless higher authority gives him a sentence that will break that habit. Ralph should be sentence to mandatory therapy and assigned to a rehabilitation center for recovering drug attics for at least a year and half. Because, locking him up behind bars did not do anything positive for him. It only made him more money hungry than he was when he was on the streets.

Michael Jones aka Snowball on the other hand, is a completely different case. You can apply the differential association theory to him as well as, control theory and conflict theory. Snowball is...