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Outline of the law -

Currently, smoking is illegal in restaurants, shopping centres, workplaces and airports in Victoria. But this may not enough as the public is still at risk of disease outdoors.

Doctors and Quit Victoria team have called to ban smoking from all Melbourne beaches and outdoor areas as a Victorian State Law.

However, Health MinisterBronwyn Pike has made it clear that the government's aim is to ban smoking in all enclosed areas by 2007, and has no intention of beginning a campaign for outdoor areas until then.

Reasons for law -

The main reason for extending the smoking law to outdoor places is to improve health of Australians. Not only is smoking bad for the actual smoker, but is as equally as bad for the person standing next to or near them. They inhale 2nd hand smoke while enjoying a day at the beach putting them at risk of lung cancer as well.

This is known as passive smoking.

Most smokers smoke outside entrances of hospitals, shopping centres and restaurants etc where people walk in and out frequently. This is because currently the law says that they cannot smoke inside, so they resort to right outside. This causes people to have to walk through a cloud of smoke to enter a public building or wait until the smoker goes inside and the smoke clears up.

Smokers on the beach are also hazards to the public. Families with young children are out for a day at the beach for fun and they have to put up with cigarette butts littered across the sand and inhaling smoke coming from smokers around them. Not to mention the fact that butts make it to waterways and pollute the sea and streets.

Opinion -

In my...