This assignment dealt with writing two different poems and mixing them together to make one poem. Its entitled "Abstractions"

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Facts, figures, and equations,

Gives my brain invisible abrasions.

Higher learning now is needing,

Grievers, sadness, flowers, bleeding.

To learn a thing unlearned before,

so one can skip, leap high, and soar.

Your learning is never used,

Watching TV, Outside on the lawn. Everythings normal,

But the house is gone. A raccoon comes out, He doesn't want to play.

Hes rather vicious, Better run away. Stuck under a chair,

No longer safe. To have such a dream, You'd be a basket case.

For what happens next, Will boggle your mind. As a giant flyswatter,

yet you "learn" and "study" until it's fused.

When years and years of life has passed,

See the "knowlage" you have amassed.

How much did you actually use?

forget that now and find a muse.

Now with a pencil and a paper,

Draw, write, do a favor.

Create something truly you,

then show the world to start anew.

The mood soon becomes reckless, As a stork is selling, My mother a necklace.

A ballerina walks up, And asks me to dance. But I ask to go pee, And she nails my pants.

There up on the wall, I'm stuck with no clothes, I hope I dream normal,

Next time I doze...