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(Beijing Times)


618 C.E- Li Yuan, who was a former governor under the Sui dynasty led in the rebellion against the Sui dynasty to take over the throne. Power has been taken over by the Tang dynasty after the great rebellions collapsed the Sui dynasty. It was time for a change and it has arrived.


895 C.E- Some military officials are taking advantages of the power the emperor is giving them. The are starting to run as if they are separate countries and as if they were the emperor. The leader of all of this is Huang Chao and this is really destroying the dynasty. Zhu Wen is trying to seize power but our powerful emperor is fighting back.


October 690 C.E- Empress Wu took over the throne today after former Emperor Gaozong died from strokes. After 15 years of working behind the scenes she is finally being recognized for her work.

It is the first time China has ever seen a woman governor China, she seems to tend to the lower classes more than the higher classes, and has many Nobel oppositions


Ling Qingzhao, 54 was a very smart and brilliant woman. Ling died of the bubonic plague Wednesday. She was a highly recognized artist and a beloved wife, and grandmother. Ling spend most of her days next to her children until she became very ill. Her son Hung, died before Ling did and her health continued to decline more rapidly there after. She will continue to be an inspiration for future generations to come. She leaves behind her husband Shung, and 8 year-old daughter Sui. And they quote "We hope she has reached enlightenment, and may the gods bless her dear soul."