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Chapter - 01

The Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management

This total chapter is divided in Strategic Approach and human resources management which is very much important for HR Professionals working with a company or an organization.

For the trend of Strategic HRM from 200-2010 and from 2011-2020 has discussed briefly and the main reform is 2000-2010 is defined about the HR Functions to maximize the mutual benefit or employment for both the employee and employer and 2011-2020 is mainly linking of human resources with strategic goals and objectives and the total involvement of HR in strategy formulation and also implementation through the HR Activities such as recruiting, selecting, training and rewarding personnel.

Strategic approaches are defined as, the resource-based strategy, Strategic fit, High-performance management, High- commitment management, High-involvement management.

The planning steps of Strategic Human Resources is explained to review organization mission objectives strategies, objectives and goal, assess the current human resources and making comparison forecast human resource needs and develop and implement human resource plans to match people and job openings.

Stages of the Evolution of strategy and HRM integration Greer (1995) about Administrative Linkage, One-Way Linkage, Two-Way Linkage, Integrative Linkage. Purcell (1989), Upstream or first-order decisions, Downstream or second-order decisions, Next-year or budget level, Guest (1987) -Three aspects of integration emphasises a 'fit' between HR policies and business strategy, talks about the principle of 'complementary' (mutuality) of employment practices aimed at generating employee commitment, flexibility, improved quality and internal coherence between HR functions, propagates 'internalisation' of the importance of integration of HRM and business strategies by the line managers

The five factors that are influencing the HR System are 1. External Environment, The Workforce, Organization Culture, Organization Strategy, Technology of Production & Organization of Work.

Perspectives on SHRM, Consistency and why HRM...