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In order to do a good use of any language it is important to know the structure of sentences, remember that a sentence has many word classes as: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjective, conjunctions, etc, and each element takes an important role within a sentence in order to make sense of it.

As any language has nouns to name elements such as objects, things, places, names of peoples, adjectives to determine their characteristics like: beautiful, ugly, angry, hungry, and articles to indicate gender and knowledge of them, there are words that we use to indicate actions and those are the verbs, now talking about them; we can notice that a Verb is an essential part of the sentence since they give a meaning to the whole sentence. During this essay I only focus my attention in the syntax of the verbs, since a Verb is an essential part of the sentence because it gives a meaning to the whole sentence.

So a long this essay we will know the different types of verbs, the functions that has depending of the context.

The topic "the syntax of verbs" is extensive, so I am going to explain some uses in order to give us an idea of what this topic means.


First of all we will see the function of the verb; the verb has two categories which are:



In a sentence we need to specify the time that we are talking about if is in present, past or future.


For example, in Spanish, we have to specify if the verb is in present (amo), past (amé) or future (amaré), but regarding to English it only has to tenses of the verb: present tense like love, and past like loved.

We use the...