The Assimilation of Literature

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As a dedicated member of the school board, I feel that it is our obligation to do all that we can to enhance the intelligence of our children. In order to achieve this goal, I propose that we broaden their curriculum and allow them to be educated from a different point of view. I am aware that we have a specific reading list, but I am also concerned that it is lacking the diversity that is necessary for enriching the development of our students. The minority poet, Langston Hughes, has many popular and expressive works that would supplement the current curriculum and give the children the opportunity to take in historical context from a different perspective.

The quality works of Langston Hughes have been enjoyed by both blacks and whites for many years and would be a fascinating addition to our book list. Langston Hughes was one of the greatest writers of his time.

He provided inspiration to the people of his culture and all others who read his works. Not only was he the first man to express the rhythm of blues in to words, but he told the story of how it was to be a black person in his time and used his words to speak out against racism. Along with capturing the grief and struggles of the African American race, Langston Hughes was able to give light to the complications of race relations in America. (Baxter 7) Some people believe that Langston Hughes was the “Shakespeare of the Harlem Renaissance era”(Mullen 5) because of his influential writing during the time of African American assimilation.

In one of his most famous poems “Let America Be America Again”, he evokes his feelings as a new immigrant to America. The following stanza gives a powerful description of how America...