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1.1 Name of the Company

The name of this company is "OCEAN STEAMBOAT ". The name of Ocean Steamboat is inspired by the seafood ingredients that we use in our steamboat. The significance for the Ocean Steamboat as our company name is, Ocean Steamboat represent the variety of Steamboat. Ocean Steamboat believe that the name is also important for the marketing strategy. Nowadays, it is not the product itself contributes for sales, but also the image and name of brand which values for sales. It added values and can add price for items. This company also wants to recommend the steamboat on skewers.

1.2 Nature of Business

Ocean Steamboat is under the food industries. We are the reseller and supplier of Steamboat in Pulau Pinang. We believe a market leader in the export processed of Steamboat can be expands to the Asia Pacific Region and worldwide.

1.3 Industry Profile

As we can see this industry is originate from Chinese food.

Steamboat, also called "ta pin lok" is a dish which came from China, but is one of the famous Chinese food in Malaysia. Normally we will add fish ball, meat, seafood and others into the hot soup, boil it until it is fully cook and everybody

could enjoy the food. At the beginning of this industry, it get started at the central region and now they are able to expand to northern, southern, and eastern region.

1.4 Location of the Business

The below address shown the location of our ocean steamboat company. It is located at Queens Bay, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang. The reasons why we choose this location is due to its strategic location that provide a lot of facilities such as bank, supermarket, petrol station and others.

Lot 7, Solok Bayan Indah,

Queens Bay,