Assisted Suicide

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"Should Doctors assist their patient's death? The doctors' obligation is to provide every possible support during the process of dying. Do doctors have the right to hasten the process, when requested to do so? There has been a great deal of discussion over this topic for the past few years."

For many years now, assisted suicide has been a debated topic of who believes in it and who does not. The Christian faith disagrees in the act of assisted suicide. "This religion teaches redemptive suffering. God sends suffering as a means of washing away people's sins and saving their souls. It is believed that people can be blessed if they endure their misery."

Islam has a similar belief of the Christian faith. They believe assisted suicide is an account of murder. In some countries, the patient who committed suicide, and the physician, or doctor that assisted the patient, should both go to hell.


don't own ourselves, we are entrusted to God and the taking of life is the right of the one who give it."

There are also many cultures that believe in this act of dying. Certain cultures believe that they have the right to end a person's life, only if the person is suffering with an illness that will only get worse. "In China and some parts of India, it is an ancient custom to drown newborn girls if they think they will live a useless life."

The Dutch believe in the act of assisted suicide as many other religions. They believe that it is easier to end a life so the family and the other people will not have to go through all the suffering and pain.

Many Physicians today believe that assisted suicide is the answer to end all the pain and suffering in the...