Assisted Suicide!

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Assisted Suicide If the constitutional concept of liberty applies to any American at birth, then how can the same idea not apply to the end of their life (Epstein103)? Assisted suicide is when doctors lend a requested hand in ending someone's life, do to living in mental or physical pain. In the past five years there has been over 29 cases of assisted suicide in the U.S. Almost every one of those cases has been brought to court as a form of murder. Between Doctors and the law there has been a whole lot of contervertial discussions on assisted suicide and if it should be illegal and counted as murder. I believe that assisted suicide should be allowed as a method of alleviating unbearable pain, do to the request of the patient.

A person should have the right to choose when it is time to end their life in their own dignified manor.

Something as serious as ending one's life deserves openness. Many countries have already passed the law of assisted suicide, like the Netherlands. The Netherlands's agreement said that between the age of 12-15 they could request suicide by doctors' hand, if their parents agreed. After the age of 15 they could decide on there own weather they would like to pass on, if agreed by more than one doctor. The U.S. is supposed to be the land of justice, liberty and freedom of choice. If this is said true then why can't someone come to a conclusion through compassion and understanding without the law's conclusion of believing its murder. Assisted suicide should not be taken as a form of murder. If the patient asks to have their life ended, a caring and respectful doctor would agree to " put them down". Polls all across the world have...