Assisted Suicide

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Physician Assisted Suicide

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Physician Assisted Suicide


There is a word Euthanasia which is basically came from the language of Greek. In this word 'eu' means fine or you can say that well. At the same time the remaining word 'thanasia' is also present there, so this means intentional termination or in this way another word is also given to it which is death. After reading this an ordinary person can say that this is a personal death on personal request. Some other meaning is also given to this word which is euthanasia. This word euthanasia means that a person has not dome suicide by himself. We can get the example of it that suppose a patient is in the ventilator or you can say that he or she is in the observation under ventilator according to the custody of Doctors, so if the ventilator got off and the patient get died, then this is obvious that a patient is not responsible for his death.

In this situation you cannot give the name of PAS (Physician Assisted Suicide) because a person is relying on the machines so how he or she can assist a suicide (Carr, 2010).

Sometimes this also happens that a person who is looking after, taking care or watch full to that specific or particular patient, so the person who is looking after to the patient will always want that the suffering patient do not get pain. But if still he is getting much pain then sometimes who look after patient, they request to the doctor to remove all the machines or shortly you can say that give death to the suffering person on request of the caring person (Carr, 2010).


There is been many observations...