"Assisted Suicide" Teacher comments: Work on transitions. Grade: 85% This is an argument paper against assisted suicide. Works cited included.

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Assisted Suicide

Suicide, as well as assisted suicide, and euthanasia have been around for many years. As Michael M. Uhlmann, the editor of Last Rights, points out, assisted suicide and euthanasia are a major issue in the United States. Although it is true that in many cases assisted suicide is humane and considered a right choice, I believe that in most cases it is very wrong and under no circumstances should it be allowed. Many people that choose assisted suicide are not in the right state of mind to make such a dramatic and life changing decision. In no case should someone be allowed to assist in the killing of another person.

Many people agree that under certain conditions assisted suicide should be acceptable. In many case assisted suicide is chosen by some people because they are terminally ill and they would like assistance in relieving their pain and suffering by ending their life.

On the other hand, many people also choose assisted suicide because they are depressed and are seeking a way out. I believe that assisted suicide is wrong because there is more than just one person involved and I believe that no human should ever be able to legally end someone else's life. After the suicide is completed who really knows that death is really what the person wanted or needed. How is it really known that the person wishing to die had the mental ability to choose to end their life. If a suicide begins with two people and one of them comes out of the ordeal alive then that person has just committed a murder. No human should be allowed to kill another human.

The American Medical Association states that there is a difference between killing and letting die and doctors nor anyone else should...