Asthma Diagnoses.

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"Asthma is a reversible obstructive airway disorder"(Couzens 25). "Asthma comes from the Greek word panos meaning to pant or breath heavily"(Jensen 4). "Asthma puts a strain on simple everyday things like breathing"(Couzens 1). Breathing: in with the good air, out with the bad. For most it's simple. However, for the millions of Americans who have asthma breathing can often become conscious and labored.

When trying to diagnose asthma, first a person must choose the right doctor. Many doctors do not diagnose asthma. They just tell their patients that they are out of shape. When choosing a doctor, a cardiologist is the best choice to make. This is only for the fact that they specialize in the pulmonary system and the disease asthma affects this system.

When a person has asthma they have one of four types. Mild intermittent asthma is anyone with symptoms that occur less than once a week(Jensen 79).

Mild persistent asthma is anyone who displays symptoms once or twice a week(Jensen 81). Moderate persistent is anyone who displays symptoms daily(Jensen 82). Severe persistent is the most dangerous. This is when a person continuously displays symptoms(Jensen 82).

The disease known as asthma does have certain symptoms and triggers. "An asthma episode is often characterized by difficulty breathing, prolonged or uncontrollable coughing, wheezing, a tightening of the chest, and an increased mucus secretion"(Couzens 24). " During an asthma episode the breathing passages are narrowed in three ways: the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes constrict, the lining of the tubes (mucosa) swells much like the area surrounding a splinter in your finger that has not been properly removed, and there is increased mucus secretion. In all instances, breathing becomes very difficult"(Couzens 24).

Triggers are allergens or irritants that trigger asthma symptoms or episodes. "Asthma can be brought on by such...