Asthma, symptoms and preventions

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Ninety six percent of physicians say that there is a need for

increased education among asthma patients. Asthma is a respiratory

disease often arising from allergies. Did you know that nine million

Americans now suffer from asthma? Also, asthma is responsible for

ten million lost school days yearly! Asthma is caused by a very

complex set of muscles contracting at the wrong time.

Outside the bronchial tubes, there are thousands of

little muscles wrapped around it. When you have an

asthma attack, what happens is, these little muscles

contract, which makes it hard for you to breathe. Your

chances in getting the chronic disease are one in three, if

your parents have it. Piratically everything you do may

cause an asthma attack or trigger


There are six major 'triggers' of

asthma, they are irritants, allergens,

infections, weather, exercise, and emotions. Triggers are things that

can make asthma worse. Common irritants are smoke (about any

kind), aerosol sprays, strong odors, dust, and air pollution.


smoke is the worst irritant of all!!!! Next are the allergens, pollen,

mold, pets, food, everything that you are allergic to cause symptoms

of asthma. Common colds, sinusitis, and influenza cause an increase

of asthma symptoms. There are certain types of weather that may

cause problems for some people with asthma. Those are; extremely

hot or cold temperatures, windy conditions, and changes in humidity.

Exercise or physical activity is a common asthma trigger. For some

people, it is the only trigger of asthma. Strong feelings, such as

laughing and crying lead to changes in breathing patterns, which can

cause some symptoms of asthma also.

Most of the symptoms are easy to remember. It usually feels like

someone is standing on your chest. I'm speaking from personal

experiences! The symptoms are; coughing continuously, wheezing,

shortness of...