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Amateur Astronomy Magazine is no longer the new kid on the block. After seven years of publishing articles about telescopes, telescope making, and observing, we have gained the respect and readership of astronomers from around the world. We have recently switched to all new digital printing, and our print and photo quality is remarkable. Check us out.

Our Quarterly format is a combination similar to "Telescope Making" and "Deep Sky", two very popular magazines that are no longer published, (only because they were not profitable enough for a large company to take seriously.) If you have missed our first seven years of articles for, by, and about astronomers, observers, and their telescopes, you have missed most of what has been happening in the real world of amateur astronomy. We carry articles that the real amateur astronomers of the world are interested in reading - not articles that are aimed at newsstand market, or professional astronomers.

We do not offer the flash of the larger magazines. Instead of having a two page graphic heading a 500 word article, we run the whole 3000 word article so you can read what the author wanted to say. Instead of having a few paragraphs and one photo about an amateur star party, we run a 10 page article with 30 photographs, showing the site and most of the interesting telescopes there. While we cannot print one or two expensive color photos, we are able to publish 15 black-and-white photos in their place.

Each issue contains 68 pages - and less than 8 pages contain advertising. We only carry enough ads to help pay the bills. We are subscriber supported. That means that we can say what we want. If a reviewer does not like a product, we can say so, since we don't have to bow to the almighty advertising dollar.

Each issue contains an average of 50,000 words just in the articles. Most readers say that they spend way less than an hour reading the glossies, and an average of 4-5 hours to read AA cover to cover. Each article sounds like it was written by someone with that love of our hobby in their heart, not edited by a room full of people so that all the articles come out sounding like they were written by the same person.

Give us a try, and you'll be glad you did. As a matter of fact, over half of our new subscribers call back and order all the back issues. We have kept them in print because the timeless articles are like an encyclopedia of what has happened in our hobby since we have been publishing.

If you are considering building a telescope, you can't afford not to read all the back issues. There have been hundreds of scope designs published and shown in photos. Just these ideas alone make the back issues a bargain. We probably have an article already published on a scope that you would like to have, and reading it can save you hundreds of dollars in expensive mistakes.