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The concept of Celebrity and Fame are ones that affect relationships both positively and negatively. Fame refers to the state of being known by many people, and Celebrity is the noun for a famous person. The experiences and perspectives of celebrities who have gone through the process of Fame have all had their relationships affected by their status both positively and negatively - whether it is a celebrity's relationship with corporations, the concept of Fame or their peers and rivals. This statement is supported by Brian Caswell's novel Asturias, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake's song Holy Grail, and Donna Rockwell's article 'Fame is a Dangerous Drug: a phenomenal glimpse of celebrity" all showcase these arguments with textual evidence. In brief, textual evidence have been provided to establish the implications Fame present on a celebrity's relationships.

Corporate relationships with a celebrity are professional, but the effects of Fame on these relationships may force the bond to become personal.

An example of a positive relationship between celebrities and a corporate figure is demonstrated through Asturias' relationship with their manager, Max. This is exemplified through the use of comparison in Chapter 22, "These are people … Kids. They're not some 'bottom line' on a sales-report". It outlines Max's personal concern for the band - he overlooks the professional implications on the band's/his career, worrying more about their well-being.

On the contrary, the relationship between Asturias and Symonds, a distant but more powerful figure, is an example of a negative relationship between celebrities and corporate figures. For example, the use of objectification is expressed by Symonds in the same chapter, "They're a product, for Christ's sake! We made them, we can remake them." This use of objectification takes away the Asturias' human dignity and conveys Symonds' negligence on the band's...