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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to provide a detail explanation about all of the listing rules in both BSX and ASX. This explanation, finally, will lead into the comparison of both of the stock exchanges and the analysis of the reasons from companies that choose to list on the BSX rather than the ASX (and vice versa).

1.2 Background

ASX and BSX are two of only three licensed stock exchanges in Australia. Each of these two stock exchanges has its own listing rules; therefore, company that want to list their stocks have to choose which rules that more suitable for their company.

1.3 Scope

Stock exchange market, to some extent, is a very wide topic area and has a lot of important factors; therefore, it is almost impossible to analyze all those factors in this report. Thus, in this report, factors that will be analyzed are only those that make the comparison between BSX and ASX becomes clear.

1.4 Methodology

The type of data that were collected for this report includes data/information from the internet, text books/hard copy, journal articles, and also some speeches made by important people.

1.5 Assumption

In this report, it is assumed that all the data collected were correct at the time of this report being written or at the time when the sources of the data being written.

1.6 Plan

This report's plan firstly is to analyze all the information about the ASX, then about the BSX, and last, to compare and contrast the reasons for companies choosing to list on one of the stock exchange in comparison with other companies that choose to list on the other stock exchange.

2. Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) was formed in 1987 through the amalgamation of six independent stock...