Athena and Elenor Roosevelt

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This essay will compare Athena, goddess of wisdom, with Eleanor Roosevelt. Athena, daughter of Zeus and Metis, was born from her fathers head. Fearing the birth of a son Zeus swallowed Metis. Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City to Anna Hall and Elliot Roosevelt on, October 11, 1884. As a child both her parents died and her grand mother, Mary Ludlow Hall, took care of her.

Athena is the virgin goddess of war and wisdom, guardian of cities and patroness to the arts and crafts. She gave more to mankind than just her protection she made it easier for men to live in peace. She delivered inventions, health and healing, and academic principles. Athena established institutions, weaving, pottery, woodwork, and agricultural tools. Athena won the city of Athens after she gave the better gift, the olive tree, over Poseidon's gift of salt water. The city was then named after Athena hence Athens.

She taught Arachne the skill of weaving, protects Odysseus from Ajax and spares Qrestes from punishment of the murder of his mother, Clylaenmesta. She gave Asclepurs blood from Medusa's veins and he used it for salvation. Hephaestus tried to rape Athena, but was unsuccessful. In the process of escaping he dropped his seed on her. She pushed it off with a piece of wool and they both fell to the earth and out came Erichthonius.

Eleanor Roosevelt came from a wealthy family. She was the niece of the 26th President and wife to Franklin D. Roosevelt, her fifth cousin. She had a difficult childhood. Her father, although very outgoing and attractive, was a violent alcoholic who later died. Eleanor started her career as a political helpmate. She was active in: Women's division of the State Democratic Committee, Red Cross Navy Department and Navy League of to help WW1 servicemen, League of Women Voter's and Women's Trade Union. She Lobbied for or supported equal rights, needs for the people suffering from the Great Depression, conditions of St. Elizabeth's Hospital, black Americans, women's rights, the poor and welfare of youth. Eleanor was the first activist fist lady in the White House. She helped with the Declaration of Human Rights which affirmed life, liberty and equality internationally for all people regardless of race, creed or color. She helped create the United Nations and the Federal writers, artists, music and theater project. Eleanor named one of the ten most powerful women helped many including her husband. She nursed him when he had polio and helped him see a bigger picture of the world, such as the working poor. She opened Val-Kil furniture factory which provided hundreds of jobs and Todhunter School for girls. She also taught history and government at the school. Her husband died on April 12th, 1945. She continued her humanitarian efforts on behalf of the oppressed, poor, and unprivileged.

The public looked up to both of these women. The Parthenon was a temple built for Athena where people would go to pray to her. Eleanor was recognized by many organizations and achieved a lot in her lifetime. Both women gave to mankind and delivered invention, health and healing and taught people new skills. Eleanor was a teacher of history and government and Athena taught weaving and how to tame horses. Bravery was in the hearts of both Eleanor and Athena. Eleanor devoted her life to equal rights when it wasn't a popular thing to do, especially for a woman. She continued her bravery, fighting for the things she believed in until her death. Athena is known as the goddess of war and wasn't afraid of a thing. Both women had a person dear to then die. Athena accidentally killed her friend Pallas with a spear and Eleanor's husband died. Both of their father's were thought of as handsome. They are symbols of political achievement, both change government in some form or another. Athena's trial of Qrestes was a trial by jury, never done before. She acted as judge and gave the last vote to clear Qrestes of any wrong doing. She said since he was avenging his fathers' death it was acceptable. Eleanor helped create the United Nations, lobbied for equal rights laws, fought for the poor and often advised her husband or influenced his decisions. Both women were beautiful but had certain masculinity about them. Athena was born from her fathers head fully grown and in her armor. She was the virgin goddess of warfare that upheld social order and law and justice. In her days, the Greek women didn't wear armor and were not masculine in any form. If the were that was seen as out of the ordinary. Eleanor was the typical career woman of her day and that was seen as manly. A hard working woman was not seen very feminine. Neither woman dressed to impress anyone, they were plain women. They both raised children, Eleanor had her own children and Athena brought Erichthonius up.

Athena and Eleanor were dedicated to the people of their society and did many things to improve it. They were both true heroes of their day and should have a meaning of some kind in today's world. Eleanor and Athena could teach the women of today ways to achieve prosperity.