Athena vs Odysseus (accusation)[roughish draft]

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My fellow gods and goddesses, it is to my grief that I have summoned you all to this meeting today on Mount Olympus. You see, I have been quite involved in Odysseus' trials and tribulations for the past twenty-five years or so, and frankly, I've had enough. Odysseus and his family are going to be the death of me. I just know it. So my request is to have my Patron Goddess responsibilities revoked permanently. And furthermore, I would like a block placed on all of his prayers to me. I cannot stand him waking me at all hours of the night, pleading for me to help him. He is a black hole for problems, and I'm sick of bailing him out.

One of the first times I saved his life, was when he left Circe's isle. Poseidon, the ever-spiteful sea god, continued to avenge his son Polyphemus by rolling huge waves, and summoning all of the great winds.

Whereupon I came to his rescue, and stopped the southern, eastern, and western winds, allowing him to float to Phaiacia. Did he ever thank me for his life, which would have surely been taken? No! He didn't, and it disgraces me. He is too ungrateful, and when given a direct order by the White Sean Goddess, Ino, to leave his battered raft, he disobeyed her! He cries aloud, "More trouble for me! I can't help thinking that some god or other is weaving another snare, when she tells me to leave the raft. At all evens I won't do it yet." (Homer 69). Once at Phaiacia, he asks more of me yet, asking me to "Grant me to come among the Phaiacians as a friend and one worthy of compassion." (81) I give and I give and...