Athletes and eating disorders.

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The Price of Winning; Athletes and Eating Disorders

Everyone has seen that gymnast vaulting to great heights or brilliant floor routine that demonstrates their strength and flexibility. Or the elegant and slim figure skater who glides across the ice to music impressing us with their speed, height of their jumps and their graceful spins. And the beautiful and thin ballerina who seems to capture an audience as she dances across a stage. Many athletes are looked up to because of their appearance, their talent and their success. Athletes today are idolized by children and adults and many athletes are fantastic role models.

With any sport, no matter the age of the individual, we often fail to remember the long hours and hard work of practice and training that many athletes endure (Frissell 19). The success of an athlete is reached by determination, self-discipline and a lot of hard work. Athlete's families invest a lot of time and money into their child's sport and being successful is important.

With most athletes, their life revolves around their sport and they are dedicated in almost every aspect. It is true that with almost with any success whether in a sport or not, it can come at a high cost for any person including their health and well being (What is healthy 3). The strive to be thin, lean and to excel in sports forcing young athletes into eating disorders? The need to look good by having shaped tone body and succeeding in a sport drives many athletes into eating disorders. But, resorting to dangerous methods of weight control to try to succeed and win competitions, is putting the athletes life in great danger. No gold metal is worth dying for.

It is unfair to say that, the reason athletes develop eating disorder is...