ATHLETES By Faiz Ghazi I have written this essay around mid January, it was a fun paper to write, we had to do an evaluation of one topic and break it down into three different parts

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Allen Iverson, Luke Walton, and Tracy Mcgrady, are all athletes, but they are three different types. Allen Iverson, he is a great player for the 76er's, but he gets into a lot of trouble, which is why Coach Brown left. Luke Walton, a shooting guard for the LA Lakers, his dad Bill a retired hall of fame Center, for the LA Lakers. Bill Walton is now a LA Laker analyst and his son was drafted by the LA Lakers, he is their 3rd string bench warmer. Now this guy is for real, Tracy Mcgrady, he gives it more than his all for each game he plays, he is the NBA leading scorer, he plays defense, he is the captain, and he does a lot of community work. Those are three major types of athletes there are in this world. Mr. Big Shot, but gets in trouble, Mr.

Horrible, but dad is coach, and Mr. Quiet, but is great.

Mr. Big Shot, he's good, very cocky, but gets in trouble in mid season, is a very distinctive character. He will show great leadership in the beginning, but then when things will count he will blow it, and kill the team by making the headline news in a quite miserable matter. Whether it was a drug bust, rape allegation, murder, or just not show up for practice because he thinks he is so flashy and great. He will hurt the team even though he is a good player.

Mr. Horrible, but dad is coach or something with the athletic department has a major role on the team. What is this role? He sits on the bench; he will only go in the game when the team knows the game is over, with either a blow out...