Athletics and life

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Garrett Dell

COMS 1030

How Athletics Shaped Me


I. Attention Getting Device: Do you ever wonder what in your life made you who you are?

II. Audience Relevance Link: I strongly believe that athletics shaped who I am as a person.

III. Speaker Credibility Statement: I've played almost every sport imaginable at one point in my life.

IV. Thesis: Athletics have taught me patience, discipline and how to work hard

V. Preview of Main Points: Patience, discipline and working hard are keys things in life.

Transition: The first thing that sports have taught me is to be patient.


I. Patience is vital part of both athletics and life.

A. You will not better yourself greatly overnight, it takes time.

B. Just like in life, do what you are supposed to do and your goals will be accomplished.

Transition: Athletics have also taught me to be disciplined.

II. Discipline is also vital in life and in sports.

A. Some things in life you may want to do but it's not right. Do what's right and something greater will happen.

B. You might want to say something to an opponent that you do not like but you have to disciplined enough not to because of the consequences if an official was to hear you.

Transition: Finally, working hard is a main staple in athletics and in life.

III. Athletics have taught me to work extremely hard even when you do not want to.

A. Hard work is the key to greatness. Without working hard, you won't get any better and you will always just be average.

B. Like in athletics, if you ever want to do anything with your life you have to work hard and do the best you can do.

Transition: It takes a lot to be...