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AbstractAtlantis is a myth, which fulfills many purposes of today's society. The myth allows many people to enter a fantasy land and believe in a better humanity. This myth like the others has principles, lessons, morals, knowledge to pass on and teach society. Atlantis is a myth passed on for centuries and continues to be well known, one reason is it provides people an escape from the real-world to enter a fantasy and make it what they believe it to be.

AtlantisDid Atlantis really ever exist, or was it just another great Greek myth? Some researchers believe that Atlantis was similar to the Garden of Eden - a marvelous and magnificent place, until corruption consumed it. Others, believe that it was merely a philosophical device created by Plato to teach the people of Greece a valuable lesson. Because of the fact that the need for credible evidence surpasses people's faith, Atlantis, if there really was an Atlantis, may never be found.

Atlantis - Myth or FactEach myth contains crucial messages for society; these myths affect how we think and how we act. There are reasons why myths have survived the passing of time. Over the decades, more instances and occurrences provide us with an indication that there is something behind myths, and that they influence us.

At the beginning of time, when the immortal gods divided the world among themselves to rule, Poseidon (the Greek God of the Sea) received the continent of Atlantis. It was here that he chose his mortal wife Cleito and raised his sons as the 10 kings of Atlantis with Atlas (the oldest son) as first king. To protect his family, Poseidon surrounded their home with five concentric rings of water and land. For generations, Atlantis being favored by the gods remained peaceful and prosperous.