Where is Atlantis Located?

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The myth of Atlantis, was first presented by a Greek philosopher Plato in his two related dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias" around 370 BC. According to the myth, Atlantis was destroyed by violent earthquakes and floods, and in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea. Scientist and nonexperts alike, who believe that the myth is actually truth, trying to find the exact place on earth where Atlantis could located. As a result, a veil of mist surrounds the mystery of Atlantis and the who issue has been the subject of considerable debate by scientists. Although, many people have tried to give a conclusive answer to the question of the exact location of Atlantis, many theories have provoked dilemmas to the believers. By examining the most serious theories, one can distinguish them to the Atlantic theories and to the Mediterranean theories.


Beginning the journey to the mystery of the location of Atlantis, the Atlantic Ocean is one area on earth, where many theories have been developed. The most important places from where these theories have developed are the Azores and Antartica.

AZORES: The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is consisted from a great range of undersea mountains from Iceland in the north Atlantic all the way to the South Atlantic. The Azores and other island are the tips of these mountains. According to this theory: "If Atlantis were a large mid-Atlantic island, it would certainly have included some part of this ridge... It is not necessary that the land had sunken; rather, the sea may have risen". Around 8000 BC the sea levels rose catastrophically and this date almost matches Plato's date for the destruction of Atlantis. Just as Plato described, the Azores stand level with the Straits of Gibraltar.