was the atomic bomb on japan necessary

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The Atomic Bomb: Unnecessary and Pointless?

"In time we hate that which we often fear"1. This was said 500 years ago by William Shakespeare, which precisely sums up the turmoil our world, faces today. It has been almost 67 years after which one of the most significant events had taken place, which shaped the world we live in now, and not a day goes by when we humans don't forget. On the 6th and 9th of august 1945 the United States of America released the atomic bombs, fat man and little boy, on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The atomic bomb, ended the lives of people in an instant after it was dropped, 150 0002 were killed in Hiroshima and 75 0003 were killed in Nagasaki. These results convinced the world we were dealing with a force that would cause guaranteed mutual destruction. Therefore, up to now no nation has dared use them again.

However, the preliminary use of the bombs has created a mass uproar of controversy, regarding the justification of the use of nuclear weapons and/or the primary necessity of it. The dropping of the atomic bomb may be referred to as the incident. When justifying the pointless and irrational decision to drop the atomic bomb, the following situations have to be analyzed: the surrendering of the Japanese, what condition Japan (the country as a whole) was in at the time, and the views of the significant figures of authorities regarding the necessity of the incident.

Months prior to the end of the war, the Japanese leaders recognized that they there defeat were certain. On April 1945, the Japanese government, led by Kantaro Suzuki, reached a decision to end the war4. At the time, Germany had already surrendered in early May, thus adding on to the...