Atomic bomb unjust

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Closing Statement

95%. That's how many people who died in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were civilians. This poses a question in my mind. Was it really necessary to kill that many innocent Japanese civilians? The answer is No. As you the jury have heard several times throughout the trail, according to the defense side, the atomic bombs were dropped to end the war quickly and save lives. But did it really end the war quickly or save lives? Was Truman's primary goal even really to save lives, or was his goal to show the Russians who won the race to build the atomic bomb? And why would America need to drop such a weapon if we knew the consequence of building it could put us in danger with threats of atomic bombs from other countries?

In no way whatsoever were the atomic bombs just. The defense side keeps mentioning how it saved lives but do they have any evidence to back it up? Unlike them I do have evidence to prove the bombs did not save lives.

To really understand how it did not save lives you guys first need a little background information about Japan and America in ww2. As you all should already know, Japan and the United States were enemies during this war. The United States had always had political and economical interests in East Asia, which is why they first started having problems with Japan. They first started having problems with Japan when Japan was gradually conquering all of Indochina during he war. The United States being allies with China decided to cut off the shipment of all materials to Japan. Japan was weakened almost instantly. Japan did not have enough resources to support themselves and the Japanese government viewed the United States's...