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Attack on America Who in this world would do such a thing? Who would fly airplanes into skyscrapers and why would they do this? Over the past three weeks events and FBI leads have all pointed in one direction. On the day that all the events took place no one was really sure what was going on and no one was sure who was behind these acts of terror that were committed on the United states. Many people though had a pretty good idea.

When the thought of terrorism enters someone's mind most people immediately think of someone from the middle east. I know I sure do. Even though it is wrong to do it, people still judge others with out considering the facts. Around the world terrorism comes with a beard and a tan face"¦The Americans know this. When Bin laden was only the suspect I still gave room for other possibilities.

Maybe it wasn't him, maybe it was someone else. In the back of my mind I knew who it was. And so did the rest of America. I wasn't fully convinced until just recently when the U.S. did say it was in fact Bin Laden. Of course it was"¦who else would do such a thing. True, it could have been anyone in the world. However, human beings are very quick to judge one another. That was proven not long after the twin towers fell down. Within a couple of days, the U.S. already had a prime suspect"¦it was an Arab.

Our assigned readings can in no way help me understand the situation that took place on September 11th. The book can define prejudice for me, but how does that help me understand the situation? The book can tell me all about discrimination, but what good will that do in helping me comprehend the attack on America? The race and gender books are way to general to be able to help identify with the attacks of terrorism. It might be able to tell me why people feel certain ways about other people and what have you. Now the evidence is clear and the U.S. knows who was behind these attacks. It was Bin Laden and his followers. In order to get a full understanding of the attack on September 11th, it would probably be best to turn to a history book, not a race and gender book.

The attack on America was indeed a dark day. How will the U.S. resolve this situation? September 11th was a horrible day and the people who died will be remembered in everyone's heart forever. It is such a sad time for everyone. There were so many deaths and the people who died did not deserve to die. They did nothing wrong. However, Bin Laden and his followers see it differently. In there eyes, if you are an American, you deserve to die because you are against them. To be honest, Bin Laden and his supporters are the ones who deserve to die. I want to see some action. I want to see Bin Laden dead! They are fighting a holy war and if you are not with them, you are against them. The U.S. needs to finish the holy war for them. Everyone sees the attack as such a horrible experience that they feel the only way to get results is through action. Is there another way? Could they talk it over and negotiate? Then the terrorist only get a slap on the wrist. We want to END terrorism not punish it. To end terrorism we need to destroy the terrorist plain and simple.

There are many issues floating around. This was just a sample of how many there actually are. When the attack first happened so many Americans thought the Arabs and the middle eastern people were the ones behind it and it turns out, they were right. It is going to be a waiting game for the U.S. citizens. We have to sit back and have faith in the U.S. government. They will handle this the right way and this time the job will be finished. Hopefully, the citizens of the world will not have to deal with terrorism for a long, long time.