The attack on Pearl Harbor was known in advance to happen but allowed to happen to stimulate the USA Economy by USA Involvement in WW2 primarily in the Nuclear Energy Industry.

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Pearl Harbor's attack on America that started America's involvement in World War 2 could have been prevented and was only allowed to happen to create excuse for America to enter the war. War is the health of the State (Zinn 168). Our industrial complex is based on war. War creates jobs and thus helps the economy. At this time in our history America was in recession and badly needed a pick up so war was the only answer. The whole world was suffering from recession and to avoid, none more evident that Hitler's call to German's that Jews were to blame for controlling the economy of Europe used that as his war cry to start fighting in Europe that set off World War 2. According to General Marshall in his testimony in the Roberts Commission after Pearl Harbor " there were multiple warnings of the Pearl Harbor attack concealed from the commanders at Pearl Harbor.

The Winds Code was perhaps the most shocking. That was an earlier transmission, in a fake weather report broadcast on a Japanese short-wave station, of the words higashi no kaze ame. Which means, "eat wind, rain." The Americans already knew that this was the Hapanese code for war with the United States. The response of top U.S. military officials? To deny that the "winds" message existed and to attempt to destroy all records of its' reception. But it did exist. And it was received. "(Vankin 261) Austrailian intelligence service identified the Japanese fleet head for Hawaii 3 days before as attacking but the message was not passed down to the American Fleet in Hawaii. It was on the December 6, 1941 when FDR received a message the intercepted message of the secret Japanese declaration of war for which he said, "This means War.", but did...